3 Questions For Our New Toddler Center Head Teacher, Jessica Bieber

By Manny Cantor Center | In Early Childhood | on August 9, 2016

Meet Jessica Bieber, Infant-Toddler Center Co-Head Teacher


The best part of launching a new program? Growing our community. Our Educational Alliance Preschool staff is busy hand-picking toddler-sized furniture to welcome our inaugural Fall 2016 Toddler Center class, and we are thrilled to welcome three new amazing teachers, Jessica Bieber, Miriam Farciert, and Sami Schwaeber, to our Preschool family. We asked each of our new teachers three questions about their experience as early childhood educators. Read Infant and Toddler Center Co-Head Teacher, Jessica Bieber’s answers below.



Why Early Childhood education?

I have always been drawn to early childhood education because of its unique position within the field of education–I feel that I get to know the whole family, not just the child, and I love that. I feel thrilled and honored to join the Educational Alliance community. I can already tell that it is a warm, diverse, vibrant, and welcoming place, and I look forward to creating a classroom environment that echoes these feelings. I can’t wait to learn your stories, and to share mine.


What do you think makes early childhood group care unique?

Early childhood group education has the potential to foster community in a really meaningful way. There are constant opportunities for children, families, and teachers to create and strengthen relationships. I am grateful for the opportunity to become part of a family’s daily life, and work to create systems that empower everyone. I want to ensure that we are making it as easy as possible for families to feel informed and included in the life of the classroom.


What are you most looking forward to with the Fall 2016 toddler class?

I am really excited to explore with the children. Through interactions with each other, with provocative, open-ended materials, and with the world around them, toddlers get the opportunity to express themselves in many languages. They gain new words, for sure, but they also learn to express their thoughts and feelings through the limitless languages of art, building, movement, light, and so much more. We will create a rich, complex classroom environment that will foster these explorations.  I can’t wait to travel together with all of you on this new journey!


There are a very limited number of seats available for the September 2016 Toddler Center class (children ages 12-24 months). If you or someone you know is looking for toddler care, please feel free to contact the Educational Alliance Preschool via email or at 646.395.4250. Apply Here. Some financial aid available. 


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