EA Art School: Introducing Winter 2017 Workshops

By Manny Cantor Center | In Archive, Art & Culture, In The News | on December 12, 2016

We are so pleased to introduce our brand new series of Winter 2017 Workshops, a perfect way to fill dreary cold winter evenings. Whether you are an accomplished artist or just starting out, these short workshops will help you try something new.

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In a busy city like New York, we often neglect taking the time to slow down and notice our surroundings. Our Observational Drawing Workshop will increase your visual observation skills and eye-hand coordination while you learn to draw from life. Take the time to attend either one session or all three and learn to take in your neighborhood and community. Recreate the world around you on paper through gesture and contour drawing exercises, exploration of positive and negative space, and intentional line quality. This workshop will take place on Thursdays 1/26, 2/2, and 2/9 from 6:30 to 8:30PM and is an excellent way to slow down, relax,  and get involved in the practice of drawing. Learn more here

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If molding and working with your hands sounds more enticing, our Papier Mache Sculpture Workshop might be better suited for you. In this workshop, open to both teens and adults, you’ll use recycled materials, newspaper, and flour + water paste, in the two-part process of papier mache. In the first session, you’ll create a form out of wire or recycled materials which will act as the support of your sculpture which you’ll cover with strips of paper dipped in glue. Once the objects are dry in the second session, you’ll be able to paint your final works of art. Sign up here for this workshop on 2/2 and 2/9 from 3:30 to 5:30PM, for an engaging and relaxing way to spend your winter afternoons. Sign up.

Finally, for our more adventurous artists, we are offering two Relief Printmaking Workshops this winter. Learn about the practice in either a one four hour class or in two sessions. In the one four hour workshop, Carve, Ink, And Print, you’ll learn how to transfer a unique drawing or photograph onto a linoleum block, carve it, and make an edition. This workshop will be short but intensive and will cover all the basic techniques of creating a professional quality image, as well as valuable troubleshooting skills. Sign up here


If you’d rather sit back and take your time while learning these skills, our two-part workshop, Carve Today-Print Tomorrow could work better for you. Here you’ll learn several methods of creating and transferring an image. You’ll begin carving on the first day of class, then complete carving and printing on the second day. Perfect if you’d like to spend more time developing your image. Sign up here

Our Winter 2017 workshops will be taught by two amazing artists and instructors. Jessica Olah, who will be coaching drawing and sculpture is a Brooklyn-based illustrator with over 10 years teaching experience. She has pursued creative expression through a variety of mediums at UC Berkeley and FIT, and professionally at Vice Media, Taste of Williamsburg, and Sixty Hotels. Our relief printmaking instructor, Hilary Lorenz is an interdisciplinary artist who has been commissioned by Brooklyn Bridge Park, and has exhibited at Wave Hill, Resnick Gallery, and many more. You can find reviews of her work in The New York Times, L.A Times, Philadelphia Inquirer and other publications.

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