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“I found a warm and welcoming class with a super teacher in a lovely art studio, right by my house! My creative juices are flowing again thanks to you all.” – Penny Sidi

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Educational Alliance Art School is one of New York City’s premier community art schools, offering high-quality instruction in the visual arts. For nearly a century, the School has provided opportunity for creative expression, skill acquisition, and arts appreciation for New Yorkers of all backgrounds and ages, and has hosted – both as students and as faculty – renowned artists including Peter Blume, Adolph Gottlieb, Louise Nevelson, Mark Rothko, Max Weber, and others.

As a cultural resource, the Art School fosters an outlet for community engagement and dialogue in the arts through our gallery and public programs. We are committed to serving the greatest diversity of students, out of our belief that everyone, regardless of age, ethnicity, or socio-economic status, should have the opportunity for self-expression and lifelong learning.  Located in the newly renovated Manny Cantor Center, the Art School enters a new era with an exceptional facility, renewed educational offerings, and refined vision for best-in-class programming. 

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“I’ve really enjoyed taking collage class at Educational Alliance Art School. Our teacher Rich Garr is knowledgeable, engaging and supportive. As a mom of three and a busy professional, I’ve been grateful to have a welcoming space where I can go each week to deep dive into my own creative process. The class has helped me keep my own artistic fires burning, and that inspiration has spilled out into all the other areas of my life. Thank you!” – Kate Quarfordt on Collage with Rich Garr, Winter Term 2015


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