Manny Cantor Center Team


The Manny Cantor Center team is passionate about its work helping build a vibrant hub for our community by providing services and programs for people of all ages and backgrounds.

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Joanna Samuels, Executive Director
646.395.4185 /

Howard Greenstein, Director of Operations & Business Strategy
646.395.4263 /

Stacey Li, Associate VP for Family and Community Partnerships
646.395.4220 /

Jacqueline Marks, Director, Educational Alliance Preschool
646.395.4251 /

Peter Metralexis, Director of Nutrition and Health Services
646.395.4224 /

Anson Dean, Program Director, Edgies Teen Center
646.395.4295 /

Alex Aponte, Manny Cantor Fitness Center Manager
646.395.4283 /

Kristin Eno, Art School Community Educator
646.395.4259 /

Deb Scher, Director of Volunteer & Community Engagement 
646.395.4184 /

Amy Stollmack, Rentals Coordinator
646.395.4188 /

Karen Taylor, Director, Weinberg Center for Balanced Living
646.395.4274 /

Di Jayawickrema, Director of Marketing & Communications 
646.395.4187 /


General Information: 646.395.4280


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