Feargal Doyle: Watercolor Instructor

By Manny Cantor Center | In Archive, Arts & Culture, Meet MCC | on November 29, 2017

“Watercolor is a very exciting medium, as it is impossible to completely control the results, you are forced into going with the flow and it lends itself to a more intuitive style.”


What is your background with the Educational Alliance/MCC and what brought you to teach at the Art School?

“I began to volunteer at the MCC about 2 years ago, when I facilitated a collage class for the Weinberg Center. Afterwards I did a watercolor class, also voluntary. The class was a big hit with the seniors so I was asked to stay on as a paid instructor to continue the watercolor class with seniors. This has since evolved into a multi-media class where we incorporate acrylic, drawing and collage as well as watercolor.”

How did you first come to learn watercolor? What do you think is unique about the medium and how you express ideas/emotion with it?

“I’m probably most comfortable with watercolour, as the water is not completely under my command and this introduces the element of chance as my secret painting partner.

Painting has been a voyage of self-discovery, I absolutely avoid getting conceptual. The paintings are intuitive and evolve themselves. I rarely begin with a concept or subject. Whatever happens, happens!. To work this way is liberating.”

Learn more about Feargal and his artwork here, or register here for Watercolor this winter!

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