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Connect the Dots: Revisiting MCC’s 5th Anniversary Celebration

On February 12th, many of you joined us for a community breakfast and communal art project celebrating the 5th anniversary of MCC’s opening! We shared a light morning meal and together, created the second edition of Connect the Dots; a reprise of the inaugural art exhibition when Manny Cantor Center opened in February 2013.

Connect The Dots is a project by the public art collective, Illegal Art, whose mission is to create participatory-based works of public art that encourage self-reflection, thought and human connection.

Together, we shared our identities, likes, and habits to create a visual representation of our community. Today, we are thrilled to share a video, created by Illegal Art showcasing that process and the finished product, which now hangs on one of our Early Childhood floors.

(Connect the Dots at the Manny Cantor Center in NYC [1] from Illegal Art [2] on Vimeo [3].)

For more information about this project and other participatory-based public art projects please visit illegalart.org [4], email info@illegalart.org or follow Illegal Art on Instagram @illegalart2001. Keep it public!

Please join us for our next community breakfast this Tuesday, June 11th beginning at 8:30am in our Lobby.

At Manny Cantor Center, values of equity and inclusion are at the core of our programs and services, and create the heart of the vibrant community we have built together. On Tuesday, we invite you to join us as we come together for a community breakfast in celebration of Immigrant Heritage Month.

Join us for a joyful morning “nosh” featuring a sampling of cuisine from the Lower East Side. No RSVP necessary.

We will deepen our connectedness across cultures and celebrate freedom as we continue collecting stories and photos for our community recipe book Nosh: A Lower East Side Celebration of Food, Cooking, and Home.