Now featuring 10-week courses so you can spend even more time with our top-rated instructors in our light-filled studio. As always, classes feature:

  • Personalized instruction in a small group setting (maximum 12 students per class)
  • Locker rental
  • No hidden fees
  • Adult Open Studio time (16 hours available throughout the week and weekends)

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Painting Your Vision

Mondays | 10AM – 12:30PM | 9/23 – 12/2 | 10 weeks | $385

This advanced painting course encourages seasoned artists to pursue a personal project in oils, acrylics, or mixed-media. Each participant will realize an independent ‘vision’ at their own pace, guided by feedback sessions and advanced demonstrations based upon students’ varying needs.

Instructor: Jodie Niss


Intro to Painting

Mondays | 6:30 – 9PM | 9/23 – 12/2 | 10 weeks | $385

Engage your inner artist as you cultivate your painting skills in acrylic or oil. Through class demonstrations and personalized instruction, students will learn the painting process so as to artfully depict a photograph of their choice or a still life setup. Tutorials teach beginners how to use a palette, various methods of paint application, basic color theory, how to mix paints, create texture, capture light, and render a strong composition. Perfect for newbies, but painters of any skill level are welcome to partake.

Instructor: Jodie Niss


Botanical Painting

Tuesdays | 10AM – 12:30PM | 9/24 – 12/3 | 10 weeks | $385

Learn the basic concepts of contour, ratio, proportion, and color on your way to forging a horticultural masterpiece. Facilitated by demos, you’ll create botanical studies from both photographs and live plants before embarking on a final project of your choice, whether it’s a series of intimately-scaled paintings or one highly-developed work on canvas. Botanical Painting is open to students of any skill level.

Instructor: Kelsey Schwetz


Painting Studio

Tuesdays | 6:30 – 9PM | 9/24 – 12/10 | 10 weeks | $385

Hone your painting practice in a studio setting with the personalized guidance of a skilled instructor. This course is for experienced painters of varying degrees who wish to benefit from tutorials, discussions, and individualized artistic advice. Participants are free to paint in the medium of their choice, be it watercolor, oil, or acrylic.

Instructor: Jodie Niss


Watercolor Painting

Wednesday | 6:30PM – 9PM | 9/25-12/11 | 10 weeks | $385

Master the basics without the frustration! This course starts by experimenting with core watercolor techniques to establish a deeper understanding of the medium’s properties. Structured for all levels of experience, our Watercolor Painting classes include tutorials in color and design as well as wet-on-wet and dry-brush methods. Learn how to paint texture, blend and mix colors, maximize the potential of your brushes, and grasp composition before moving on to the complex techniques that yield detail, depth and dimension. We use still lifes and reference materials such as sketches, reproductions, and photos for inspiration, while individualized and small-group instruction will help participants zero in on a unique aesthetic all their own.

Instructor: Jodie Niss


Portrait Drawing and Painting
Thursdays | 10AM – 12:30PM | 9/26 – 12/5  | 10 weeks | $475 | includes modeling fees

Come one, come all to establish or refine your painting or drawing practice by concentrating on a timeless art historical subject: the human head. Working with a live model, the class will be introduced to a classical academic proportion system alongside basic cranial anatomy. Learn how to portray the human head with accuracy, to properly render facial structure, and to optimize value and light with paint or charcoal through demonstrations, one-on-one instruction, and informational handouts.

Instructor: Thomas Legaspi


Drawing and Painting for Beginners

Saturdays | 10:30AM – 1PM | 9/28 – 12/7 | 10 weeks | $385

Discover the joys of drawing and oil painting in our course specifically curated for beginners! Working from still lifes, this class encourages creative experimentation. First, students will learn the fundamentals of drawing in pencil, charcoal, and ink, such as line, form, shading, composition, and most importantly, how to harness your own imagination. The second half of the course will focus on oil painting, when you’ll learn how to set up your palette, mix colors, create depth and a sense of light by painting a still life.

Instructor: Julia Chen


Oil Painting from Still Lifes

Saturdays | 3:30 – 6PM | 9/28 – 12/7 | 10 weeks | $385

Discover the creative and technical potentials of oil painting in a course that focuses on the fundamentals, from setting up your palette to mixing colors, alongside next-level techniques that will elevate your practice. Technical exercises hone observational skills so that emerging artists can cultivate a sensibility about how to portray an object’s depth and luminosity. Students are invited to paint from both still life setups and photographs.

Instructor: Thomas Legaspi


Acrylic Painting

Sundays | 10:30AM – 1PM | 9/29 – 12/8 | 10 weeks | $385

Express your inner artist through acrylic paint by learning about color mixing, tone value, texture, and composition. From a reference picture or a still life setup, participants will learn fundamental techniques while cultivating a personal painting style rooted in perception, imagination, or abstraction. Small class sizes allow for plenty of one-on-one critique. Beginners and advanced students are welcome.

Instructor: Alex Pimienta


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