Now featuring 4 & 8-week courses so you can spend even more time with our top-rated instructors in our light-filled studio. As always, classes feature:

  • Personalized instruction in a small group setting (maximum 12 students per class)
  • Locker rental
  • No hidden fees
  • Adult Open Studio time (19 hours available throughout the week and weekends)

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Painting Your Vision

Mondays | 10AM – 12:30PM | 7/8 – 8/26 | 8 weeks | $300

This course is designed for advanced painters who are confident with the basics of their chosen painting medium. In this course, each student will explore a personal vision, and work at his/her own pace to complete independent projects. The instructor will provide guidance through one-on-one feedback sessions and advanced demonstrations based on students’ needs. Students are welcome to experiment in oil and acrylic paints, and some mixed media.

Instructor: Jodie Niss

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Intro to Watercolor Painting

Mondays | 6:30 – 9PM | 7/8 – 8/26 | 8 weeks | $300

This course offers the perfect amount of time to learn the basics of watercolor! Each class will start off with loose, fun, abstract paintings to teach value, color, texture and composition in this unique medium. As the course progresses, live demonstrations will include a variety of lessons in still life painting, landscape painting and portraiture. More advanced students are welcome to work more independently on projects and receive one-on-one feedback from the instructor. All levels are welcome.

Instructor: Jodie Niss

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Painting Studio

Tuesdays | 6:30 – 9PM | 7/9 – 8/27 | 8 weeks | $300

This class is for students who wish to continue their painting practice in a studio setting with the one-on-one guidance of an instructor. Each student will work independently and will be guided on their personal painting journey through demonstrations, discussions, and individual artistic advice. Students can paint in any medium they choose. Some prior painting experience is preferred.

Instructor: Jodie Niss

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Painting in Acrylic and Oil

Thursdays | 10AM – 12:30PM | 7/11 – 9/5 | 8 weeks | $300

Express your creativity through acrylic or oil paint. Learn about the distinct characteristics and advantages of each medium and how they can be used together in creative ways. Through class demonstrations and personalized instruction, students will learn each medium’s potential, color mixing, tonal and value control, textural exploration, and overall composition. While painting in any style, students can create from perception, imagination, and to discover their unique personal vision. A small class size allows for one-on-one instruction with the goal to move each student to the next level. Open to students of all levels.

Instructor: Thomas Legaspi

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Intro to Oil Painting from Photographs

Thursdays | 6:30 – 9PM | 7/11 – 8/29 | 8 weeks | $300

Learn the basics of oil painting or continue building on your existing skills. This course is for students of all levels who want to learn to paint from photographs. Bring in a found photo from a magazine or an original photo of your choice. Learn how to select a photo, plan your composition, set up your palette, mix paint, glaze, impasto, and more. Using these techniques and color theory, students will create compelling oil paintings. The instructor will provides live demonstrations and one-on-one discussions to ensure student success.

Instructor: Jodie Niss

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Alla Prima Oil Painting

Saturdays | 10:30AM – 1PM | 7/13 – 8/3 | 4 weeks | $165

Learn the technique of alla prima painting – also known as direct or wet-on-wet painting – in just 4 weeks! Students will start and finish a painting in each class, using alla prima to capture immediacy, fluidity, and expressiveness. Students will paint from a new still-life setup in each class learning brush techniques, how to mix color on canvas, and how to see shapes and colors more easily. The class will start with monochromatic painting and move onto color painting, to ensure that students will be able to apply these techniques to any subject matter.  The instructor will give live demonstrations as well as personalized instruction. All levels are welcome.

Instructor: Julia Chen

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Acrylic Painting

Sundays | 10:30AM – 1PM | 7/14 – 9/8 | 8 weeks | $300

Students can express their inner artist through learning the basics of acrylic painting in this course. Through class demonstrations and personalized instruction, students will learn color mixing, tone value, texture, and composition. Students can start from a picture or a still life and will discover their unique personal expression. Painting in any style, students can paint from perception, imagination or abstraction. Small class size allows for one-on-one expert instruction that pushes students work to the next level. Beginners and advanced students are all welcome.

Instructor: Alex Pimienta

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