MCC Fitness will be open for limited hours of 12pm to 7pm this Sunday, April 21st, in observance of the holiday. All fitness classes for Sunday will be cancelled.

Special Offers


New Students: Register now and get 10% off any course!* To redeem your discount, enter “welcometoartatmcc” when registering for your first class. Discount applies to first registration only, and for one class only. 


Take 2 and Family Discount: Register for more than one course or register along with a family member and get 10% off your total registration! To redeem your discount, enter the code: “take2art” at checkout. Discount can be applied only when checking out with multiple classes in one session. 

Refer a Friend Discount:  Refer a friend for a first class and each of you receive a 10% discount! To redeem this discount, a referred friend enters the code “mccfriend” and gets 10% off a first course. Once your friend is registered, the referring student redeems a 10% refund by emailing Please include “Refund for Referring a Friend” in the subject line of your email and provide your name and course title along with your friend’s name and course title. This discount cannot be combined with the new student discount.

**Only one discount allowed per registration. Discounts cannot be combined with any other offers.**


WINTER TERM 2019 OFFERINGS: Ceramics Painting | Arts for Kids and Teens | Mixed Media


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