What is the program schedule?
Standard program schedules is Monday through Friday, 8:40am-3pm. We also have limited spaces available in our early drop-off (at 8:15am) and extended day (until 6pm) programs.

What is the child / teacher ratio?
Our classrooms have 18-20 children, and 3 teachers. We also have a floating teacher on staff, who assists in all of the classrooms throughout the week.

What is your school philosophy?

UPK at MCC follows an emergent, project-based curriculum inspired by progressive schools around the world. We know that children learn best when engaged in work that is meaningful, ongoing and authentic to their interests and values. Our teachers create classroom environments that are beautiful, responsive and full of possibilities, then observe children closely to plan experiences and ongoing projects to extend children’s meaning making.

What is the role of the teacher in your classrooms?
We see our teachers as facilitators of children’s learning. When we recognize the incredible capabilities of young children, we realize that they come to school with real interests, knowledge and questions about their environment. We see that they form tenable theories about how the world works and test them through exploration and play. They build relationships that are deep, nourishing and enduring. We start to observe, listen and document more, eager to hear what the children are telling us. We ask more questions than we answer. If we’re successful, we begin to learn alongside the children. 

What is the role of families in the school?
We see families as our partners, joining together with the children and teachers to create a seamless connection between home and school. We communicate with teachers at drop off and pick up, through documentation, newsletters and emails, and at regular parent/teacher conferences. Our teachers strive to keep lines of communication open and are available for meetings and check-ins throughout the year as needed.

Who are your teachers?
Our teachers are highly trained, and have many years of experience in the field and/or advanced degrees in Early Childhood Education.

I have more questions. How can I find out additional information?
Our email address is UPK@mannycantor.org

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